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Institute of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai

Students' activities

BVIOP campus is situated at the base of hillock, the institute is blessed with scenic beauty and has been further enhanced with remarkable architecture, structural designs and facilities. The 35000 Sq.ft.campus provides an ideal backdrop for contemplative learning.

The pace of the development in infrastructural facilities in BVIOP has been nothing short of phenomenal. The Institute has modern class-rooms, well-equipped laboratories and extended sports facilities like cricket and lawn tennis courts. Other facilities include sports ground and an auditorium with a huge seating capacity.

The Institute provides a range of opportunities outside the classroom as well - be it industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits.

Induction Program 2023

Pharmacist Day 25 Sept 2023

Teachers Day - 5 Sept 2023

Independence Day - 15 Aug 2023

Tree Plantation

Panchapran Shapath

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