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Institute of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai


Mr. Sagar L. Pol


(Detailed Profile is awaited...

Mr. U. N. Mane

Name Mr. U. N. Mane
Designation Academic Coordinator
Experience 32 years
Number of papers/
articles published

Mrs. Madhura Mahesh Karale

Name Mrs. Madhura Mahesh Karale.
Experience 11 years
Area of specialization Pharmaceutics
Research area Hydrogel
Publication(s) 01

Mrs. Nita Bhauso Pawar

Name Mrs. Nita Bhauso Pawar
Department Quality Assurance
Designation Assistant Professor
Educational qualification M.Pharm
Experience Industrial - 4.5 Yrs.
Mobile No. +91 7743878998
Personal Mail ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Area of specialization Quality Assurance and Documentation, ICH Guidelines, Validation
Research interests Nutraceuticals, Analytical method development and validation, Targeted drug delivery
Conferences attended 03
Number of papers/
articles published
  1. Development and optimization of neutrceutical formulation containing citicolin and piracitem. World journal of pharmaceutical research, 2017, vol. 6 (iv): 686-687.
  2. Therapeutic applications of citicolin and methylcobal amine combination. Advance research in pharmaceuticals and biological, 2012, vol. 2 (III) 242-249.
  3. Development and validation of UV-Visible spectrophotometer method or simultaneous estimation of citicolin and piracitem from tablet formulation. Indo American journal of pharmacy. 2017, vol 3 (v), 254-259.
  4. Therapeutic applications of citicolin and piracitem as a fixed dose combination, Asian journal of biomedical and pharmaceuticals sciences. 2012, vol ()15-20.
Paper presentations:
  1. First prize in state level poster presentation at Yashoda Technical campus, Satara, 2013.
  2. National level conference at T.K.C.P. Warnanagar on evolving pharmaceutical regulatory and quality system framework, 2012.
  3. Attained national level one day seminar under lead college scheme of Shivaji University Kolhapur 2013.
  4. Presented research paper in poster at two days national level symposium on “Formulation and standardization of herbal” in 2013.
  5. Review of the quality data as the pharmacopeia specification. MOA , SOP, Batch records,
  6. Review of the documents required for regulatory agencies (viz. analytical reports, Process validation reports, Process validation protocol, Pharmaceutical development report, protocols and stability data.

Mrs Sarita Shinkar

Ms. Yashashri Inamdar

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