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Institute of Pharmacy, Navi Mumbai

Diploma Course

Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Pharmacy, C. B. D., Navi Mumbai conducts the Diploma course in Pharmacy. The D. Pharmacy Program is approved by Pharmacy Council of India (PCI), Maharashtra Govt., AICTE and is affiliated to MSBTE Bandra (E), Mumbai.

Course structure for D. Pharmacy

The D. Pharmacy course of MSBTE, Mumbai follows yearly pattern. The course comprises of two years. During each year, students have to appear for a three sessional examinations both in theory and practical. All sessional examinations are conducted by the Institute and final examinations of both the first and second years are conducted by MSBTE.

The year-wise subject heads for theory and practical classes are as below: ( TH – Theory, PR – Practical)

First Year D. Pharmacy

S.No. Name of subject TH/PR
1 Pharmaceutics-I (805) TH/PR
2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-I (806) TH/PR
3 Biochemistry and Clinical Pathology(807) TH/PR
4 Pharmacognosy (808) TH/PR
5 Human Anatomy and Physiology (809) TH/PR
6 Health Education and Community Pharmacy (810) TH

Second Year D. Pharmacy

S.No. Name of subject TH/PR
1 Pharmaceutics-II (811) TH/PR
2 Pharmaceutical Chemistry-II (812) TH/PR
3 Pharmacology and Toxicology (813) TH/PR
4 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence (814) TH
5 Drug Store and Business Management (815) TH
6 Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy (816) TH/PR
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